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MoE Weekly Meetings

The Men of Emmaus meet every Saturday morning in the basement of St. Martin's Church in Gaithersburg MD, from 7:30am - 8:55am.  We meet to pray together as men and build a love and understand of Jesus Christ's call to us as men.

MoE Programs

The Men of Emmaus programs and retreats strengthen vocations, help men grow in faith, and increase understanding of Catholic Church teaching. This fosters increased parish and community leadership and service. Recognizing their flaws, these men strive to find Christ within, and to take seriously his call to serve. They lead and participate in many activities, in the parish and elsewhere.

MoE Contact Info

We can be reached via email at moeadmin@menofemmaus.org or by phone at 301-715-3775.

Men of Emmaus Timeline